Driven to destruction

Driven to destruction

This week on "WWE Superstars" on WGN America, three separate matches pitting Superstars against one another saw distractions by their cohorts that led to their own destruction.

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MVP def. Ted DiBiase (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Prior to their match, DiBiase insulted MVP, Mark Henry & Kofi Kingston just as he did on Raw, referring to them as "street thugs," but it was The Ballin' Superstar who was laughing last after pinning the third-generation Superstar Thursday night. Things didn't look good for MVP with DiBiase focusing on his left arm throughout the match, but the tide changed back in his favor quite quickly. When it seemed as though Cody Rhodes' distraction would halt MVP's offensive resurgence, his partner, Mark Henry, came to the rescue. After The World's Strongest Man took care of DiBiase's partner, The Franchise Playa took care of Ted by rolling him up and, despite his injured arm, holding on just long enough for the win.

Shelton Benjamin def. Zack Ryder by Count-Out (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After being distracted by Rosa Mendes' beauty at ringside a week before on ECW, Zack Ryder looked to redeem himself against Shelton Benjamin, but came up short when his infatuation with Rosa got him counted out. Both competitors displayed incredible athleticism in a back-and-forth match, but after they went tumbling to the outside, Ryder's attention was drawn to Rosa, making him not notice the referee's count and costing him the match. Once the Long Island native realized that he had missed the 10-count, he slid back in the ring looking for answers, and like the week before, his keenness with the ECW Diva caused him to be incapacitated by Benjamin's Paydirt.

Matt Hardy def. David Hart Smith (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just six days after being viciously assaulted by Batista on SmackDown, Matt Hardy had to face The Hart Dynasty's most brutish competitor, David Hart Smith, and surprised the third-generation Superstar with a roll-up for the win. Throughout the bout, Smith wreaked havoc on his opponent using his power to dominate much of the match, but Hardy's "never say die" attitude kept him fighting. After being frustrated by his colleague's several near-falls, Tyson Kidd attempted to get involved, but the distraction backfired with the referee ejecting Kidd & Natalya from ringside, allowing Hardy to roll Smith up for the three-count.

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