Reks in effect

Reks in effect

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Tyler Reks def. Chris Masters (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After brutalizing Kaval and stealing his spot on Team SmackDown on the Oct. 15 edition of SmackDown, Tyler Reks made it clear to the WWE Universe that he was here to make a serious impact. The dreadlocked devastator brought this focus to "WWE Superstars," but he was locking up with a much larger opponent in the form of Chris Masters. As a man who could top Reks in the power department, The Masterpiece had the ability to stop the destructive Superstar, but Reks refused to be outdone. Displaying some serious strength of his own, the California native was able to hoist Masters above his head and slam him to the mat for a commanding victory.

MVP def. Curt Hawkins (WATCH | PHOTOS)
It was only three weeks ago on "WWE Superstars" that Curt Hawkins brutally ended his association with his former tag team partner Vance Archer. Hoping to now make his mark as a singles competitor, the aggressive SmackDown Superstar stepped into the ring with MVP tonight, but was unable to bounce The Ballin' Superstar. Realizing that Hawkins was attempting to earn some attention by humiliating him, The Franchise Playa brought his A-game and stopped his hungry, young opponent with The Playmaker. 

Zack Ryder def. Tyson Kidd (WATCH | PHOTOS)
As lifelong friends that practically grew up in a wrestling ring, The Hart Dynasty earned their reputation in WWE based on their flawless teamwork. But ever since dropping the WWE Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions, the team of Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith has completely lost their ability to focus. The pink and black duo's woes continued tonight as Kidd tried his luck in singles action against Zack Ryder and was defeated by The Long Island Loudmouth after a miscommunication with Smith. After the bout, the pair nearly came to blows before being separated by Natalya.

Mark Henry def. Jey Uso (WATCH | PHOTOS)
How do you overpower The World's Strongest Man? That was the question on Jey Uso's mind as he stepped into the ring with the massive Mark Henry. Unfortunately for the tag team specialist, Uso couldn't figure out an answer to that problem. Even with his brother, Jimmy, and his manager, Tamina, attempting to interfere on his behalf, Jey couldn't get the big man off his feet and was ultimately squashed by the World's Strongest Slam. 

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