Locked up

Locked up

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Kofi Kingston def. Jack Swagger by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the main event of "WWE Superstars," two of SmackDown's most talented young competitors went at it as the high-flying Kofi Kingston took on Jack Swagger. As expected, the match was a heated contest with the explosive Kingston using his frenzied offense to counteract the former World Heavyweight Champion's ground based attack. But Kofi couldn't avoid Swagger's feared ankle lock. And as he's done in past altercations with Big Show and Rey Mysterio, the intense Swagger snapped and refused to release Kingston from the hold. The official had no choice but to disqualify the collegiate wrestling standout, but although he lost the match, The "All-American American" was the only Superstar who walked away unharmed.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH | EXCLUSIVE: Medics assist Jericho)
In a replay from Monday's Raw, Chris Jericho squared off with WWE Champion Randy Orton in a match that could have rendered all of Jericho's recent misfortunes obsolete. If the nefarious Superstar managed to defeat The Viper, he would indeed resurrect his standing in WWE. Alas, not only did victory escape him, but medics would be required to tend to his unconscious body.

Although Jericho poured every ounce of cunning and energy into the squared circle, even an attack on Orton by Sheamus and his attempted use of a steel chair against The Viper would prove useless. Orton appeared to be at the height of his powers, damaging the Irishman and dodging the metal weapon to level Jericho with an RKO.

With his Hell in a Cell opponent, Sheamus, observing at ringside, WWE's Apex Predator seemed to relish his next move. His opponent hobbled, Orton charged, swung back his leg and punted Jericho squarely in the skull. The kick transformed the ever-conceited Canadian into an oozing pile of flesh, who left the ring on a stretcher. The ruthless kick also undoubtedly left a strong impression on The Celtic Warrior with less than a week until he and The Viper square off in Hell.

The Bella Twins def. Jillian & Alicia Fox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With their NXT Rookie Diva Jamie Keyes by their side, the beautiful Bella Twins jumped into action against two of Raw's most vicious vixens, Jillian Hall & Alicia Fox. There may have been a lot of beauty on display, but things got ugly very fast with Hall & Fox attacking the gorgeous sisters on the inside and outside of the ring. But just when it seemed like the evil Divas had gotten the better of Nikki & Brie, the twins scored a pin out of nowhere to pull off a big victory.

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