Golden rule

Golden rule

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Goldust def. William Regal (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Much like Primo and his Rookie Diva A.J., the pairing of Goldust and Aksana on WWE NXT has been a perfect match. The pair of blondes strutted to the ring tonight to take on The Bizarre One's most loathed rival, William Regal. One of the few Superstars on Raw who can match Goldust in the experience department, The British Brawler brought the fight to the gilded one. But Regal's submission expertise was not enough to combat Goldust's unorthodox offense. Sensing an opportunity, The Bizarre One hit the Final Cut to score another win.

John Cena def. The Nexus in a Gauntlet Match by Disqualification; John Cena and Wade Barrett agreed to a match at Hell in a Cell (PHOTOS | WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2)
In a replay from Monday's Raw, John Cena took on the five members of The Nexus in a Gauntlet. Not one to back down from a challenge, the Legendary star methodically muscled his way through Heath Slater, David Otunga and Michael Tarver. But before he could polish off Justin Gabriel, Nexus charged the ring, pummeling Cena and allowing him to win by disqualification.

After the bout, Cena rampaged against the band of outlaws, sending them scurrying up the entrance ramp. After The Nexus' retreat, Cena proposed a challenge of his own to the group's leader: The two of them one-on-one when Hell in a Cell takes place inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Before consenting, though, Barrett proposed that were he to win, Cena must join The Nexus. Cena agreed, but only on one condition: If he were to win, The Nexus must disband. The Englishman reluctantly agreed as the two men narrowed their eyes on one another, eager to end their hostilities once and for all within the confines of the Devil's Playground.

Primo def. JTG (PHOTOS | WATCH)
On the third season of WWE NXT, Rookie Diva A.J. has been one of the major standouts in the heated competition. Some of the credit for her impressive performance has to go to Primo who has been showing her how to make it in WWE. The Puerto Rican Superstar's lessons continued tonight as he gave A.J. a first-hand education in how to win a competitive match when he pulled out a victory over JTG in the opener of "WWE Superstars."  If the spunky competitor can put these instructions into action, she may come out on top of WWE NXT.

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