Menace to Society

Menace to Society

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Big Show def. Luke Gallows (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After disappointing CM Punk with a loss to Big Show on SmackDown, Luke Gallows attempted to make it up to his Straight Edge Society leader by defeating the giant. Of course, dismantling The World's Largest Athlete is much easier said than done. So it came as no surprise when Big Show stomped down to the ring, plowed through Gallows and picked up a dominating victory. Will the SmackDown giant be just as imposing when he faces CM Punk at Night of Champions? (PREVIEW)

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft def. Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Two weeks ago, Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft defeated Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins on "WWE Superstars." Tonight, The Dude Busters' luck was much the same as they used their cunning and agility to stop their more powerful opponents. With another big victory, Croft & Barreta move another step up the ladder in the tag division and another step closer to the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty.

Goldust & Gail Kim def. Primo & Jillian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Two of the NXT Rookie Divas from WWE NXT season three got a close-up view of WWE action tonight as Aksana and A.J. were at ringside during this wild bout. The WWE hopefuls may have had a hard time keeping up with the action, though, as the combatants in this match kept a furious pace. But just when it looked like Jillian & Primo were going to steal one, Goldust hit the Puerto Rican Superstar with a twisting suplex to score the win for his squad.

R-Truth def. William Regal (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before the match between R-Truth and William Regal even started, a battle broke out when The British Brawler grabbed a microphone and declared that, "Anyone can rap!" What followed was the biggest insult to hip hop music since Vanilla Ice dropped "Ice Ice Baby" on the world. Thankfully, R-Truth was there to shut Regal's mouth.

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