VIP treatment

VIP treatment

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MVP def. Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
They say all good things must come to an end. Chavo Guerrero learned this tonight as his two-week winning streak was stopped by the explosive MVP. Taking a break from hanging out with Lebron James in his hometown of Miami, The Ballin' Superstar brought the fight to Chavo, battering him with stiff shots and countering Guerrero's impressive arsenal of submission maneuvers. Putting an exclamation point on his awesome performance with a devastating Play of the Day, MVP beat Chavo and headed right back to the VIP area.

Caylen Croft def. Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Three weeks ago on "WWE Superstars," Chris Master dominated Caylen Croft in a Master Lock Challenge, but was assaulted by Croft and his partner, Trent Barreta, after the bout. Looking to gain retribution against the Dude Busters, The Masterpiece locked up with Croft again and used his impressive power to toss his opponent around. But the double-team assault of the SmackDown duo was too much for Masters to handle. Distracted by Barreta at ringside, the big man left himself open for a vicious DDT from Croft, leading to a disappointing loss.

Santino Marella & Vladmir Kozlov def. William Regal & Primo (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After settling their differences on Raw many weeks ago, the unique pairing of Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov has become one of the most successful tag teams in WWE. Their winning ways continued tonight as William Regal & Primo were unable to keep up with the unorthodox mix of the Italian Superstar's bizarre behavior and The Moscow Mauler's pure power. After Regal fled from Santino's feared cobra strike, Kozlov was free to drive Primo into the mat to give his team the decisive victory.

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