Swelling England by the pound

Swelling England by the pound

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R-Truth def. William Regal (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Is there a more unpleasant Superstar than William Regal? With his arrogant stride and stiff upper lip, the 2008 King of the Ring made it his business to ruin the good time of R-Truth on "WWE Superstars." Using the devastating submission maneuvers he learned in the rough gyms of Blackpool, England, Regal was able to slow down the rapping Superstar by targeting his knees. Truth would not be silenced, however, and connected with the Lie Detector from out of nowhere to ruin Master Regal's evening. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Brie Bella def. Jillian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
There are a lot of perks to being a twin — matching outfits, weird psychic abilities and the opportunity to sneak out in the middle of a match and be replaced by your sister. At least that's what the gorgeous Brie and Nikki Bella were able to do on tonight's "WWE Superstars." With the official distracted, the sisters pulled the old switcheroo on Jillian as Brie slid out of the ring and Nikki slid in. The fresh Bella then rolled up the tone-deaf Diva for a very creative 1-2-3. It pays to be a twin.

Luke Gallows def. Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Accompanied by the anti-Diva Serena, the powerful Luke Gallows marched to the ring with a strong desire to cause harm to the flawless physique of Chris Masters. That was more easily said than done, however, as The Masterpiece used his brute power to control much of the early action in this hard-hitting battle. It looked as though the SmackDown Superstar was close to finding victory, but he was distracted by the dangerous Serena. With Masters sidetracked, CM Punk's most loyal disciple was able to deliver the Gallows Pole to his opponent to score a tainted victory.

JTG def. Caylen Croft (PHOTOS | WATCH)
On last Thursday's "WWE Superstars," Trent Barreta of The Dude Busters took on Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in singles action. This week, it was Barreta's partner, Caylen Croft, flying solo against exciting SmackDown Superstar JTG. Unfortunately for Croft, he had about as much luck against JTG as Barreta had against Kingston. Despite repeated outside interference from Barreta, JTG kept his cool and used his speed and skill to bust Croft and pick up the win.

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