Making a splash

Making a splash

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Jimmy & Jey Uso def. Mark Henry & Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
For weeks, Jimmy & Jey Uso, along with their associate Tamina, have been attacking The Hart Dynasty at every turn. Tonight, the impressive team got their first taste of official WWE action when they stepped into the squared circle with the unique pairing of Mark Henry & Goldust. Clearly, going against two of WWE's most seasoned veterans would be a tough task for any duo, especially two that were just making their debut, but The Usos were up to the task. After a grueling back and forth battle, the dangerous Tamina distracted Goldust, allowing Jimmy Uso to knock The Bizarre One down and nail a huge top-rope splash for the 1-2-3, capping off a stellar debut.

Primo def. Yoshi Tatsu (PHOTOS | WATCH)
On last Thursday's "WWE Superstars," Primo teamed with the cocky Zack Ryder to defeat Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust. With that loss still weighing on his mind, the Japanese Superstar entered the ring intent on getting even with Primo. And thanks to The Cardiac Kid's devastating kicks and aggressive strikes, it looked as though he would get the win. That was until the Puerto Rican Superstar rolled Tatsu up and grabbed a handful of tights to steal the victory. While Primo unabashedly celebrated his win, his party was soon rained on as The Great Khali came down to the ring and flattened the former Unified Tag Team Champion with a devastating Punjabi Plunge.

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston def. Trent Barreta (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After pulling off an impressive victory over Luke Gallows on last Thursday's "WWE Superstars," Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston showed his NXT Rookie Michael McGillicutty how it's done for the second week in a row with a thrilling win over Trent Barreta. While The Dude Buster is best known for his tag battles on SmackDown, he was vicious with the Ghana native in this non-title bout. Still, Kingston's explosiveness was too much for Barreta to contain and, in the end, a perfectly timed Trouble in Paradise busted this dude.

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