Old rivalries die hard

Old rivalries die hard

It's been said that "old rivalries die hard." This adage was certainly true on tonight's "WWE Superstars" as former partners continued to brawl, while bickering brothers put their differences aside and reunited.

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Primo vs. Carlito ended in a No Contest (PHOTOS | WATCH)
It was nearly a year ago that The Colons had a falling out live on Monday Night Raw when Carlito delivered a devastating Back Stabber to his brother, Primo. But tonight the WWE Universe learned that time does heal all wounds as Carlito unexpectedly halted the match and asked his brother to team with him again. Primo agreed and the former Unified Tag Team Champions embraced, signaling a bright future for the Puerto Rican Superstars.

Chris Masters def. Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just when you thought Chavo Guerrero's move to SmackDown would do his career some good, the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" chalked up another one in the loss column. Going up against the physically awesome Chris Masters, Guerrero attempted to ground the big man, but could not handle Masters' strength. In the end, The Masterpiece locked in his devastating Master Lock and wrenched Chavo into submission.

Kelly Kelly was confronted in the Divas locker room by Lay-Cool (WATCH)
SmackDown's resident mean girls, Michelle McCool & Layla, decided they couldn't wait until Friday night to stir up some trouble and set their sights on the gorgeous Kelly Kelly. After claiming Kelly reeked of "garbage and rotten eggs," Team Lay-Cool christened her "Smelly Kelly." To make matters worse, Vickie Guerrero showed up and brutally attacked Kelly with beauty products while Michelle and Layla held her. Luckily, Beth Phoenix & Tiffany swooped in to make the save.

Women's Champion Beth Phoenix def. Rosa Mendes (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After spending months in the corner of cocky Raw Superstar Zack Ryder, the fiery Rosa Mendes returned to the ring against an intimidating opponent — Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. Surprisingly, Mendes showed no fear, chewing out Phoenix on the microphone before slapping her across the face. This may have been a mistake, however, as The Glamazon attacked her with pure power before putting her away with a roll-up. Still, The Fabulous Firebird suffered a minor ankle injury during the action and had to be assisted from the ring.

Shad Gaspard def. JTG (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After battling in a brutal Strap Match at Extreme Rules, former partners JTG and Shad met again on "WWE Superstars." This time, however, the results were much different. While JTG managed to use his street smarts to pull off the victory in their first contest, Gaspard used his pure power and rage to beat down his former friend and pick up the win tonight. Maybe it really is Shad's time after all.

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