Must be the money

Must be the money

Ted DiBiase and MVP might have more in common than they'd like to admit. Each man likes money, each man likes to win and each man tries to look good while doing it. But it's in how these Superstars go about achieving victory that the differences start to reveal themselves. MVP is a passionate athlete — the product of a difficult upbringing who knows the value of hard work. DiBiase is an underhanded cheat — the son of a millionaire who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. But who would win when they stepped into the ring on "WWE Superstars?"

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Ted DiBiase def. MVP (PHOTOS | VIDEOS)
Ever since he strapped his father's legendary Million Dollar Championship around his waist, Ted DiBiase has been competing with a newfound edge in WWE. This shot of confidence served him well in the main event of tonight's "WWE Superstars" when he went one-on-one with the always-exciting MVP. While each Superstar has talent to spare, it was DiBiase's underhanded tactics that won out tonight as he hit The Ballin' Superstar with Dream Street to pick up a big victory.

Christian def. Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | VIDEOS)
Few NXT Pros and Rookies have clicked as well as the duo of Christian and Heath Slater. Maybe that's because Captain Charisma is such a shining example of what a WWE Superstar should be that his Rookie can't help but be impressed. The Raw Superstar continued to impress tonight as he handed yet another defeat to Chavo Guerrero. With all these recent losses, the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" is quickly earning his place amongst Susan Lucci and the Buffalo Bills as one of the great all-time losers.

Matt Hardy def. Carlito (PHOTOS | VIDEOS)
After his loss to Evan Bourne on Monday's Raw, Carlito publicly complained about his treatment in WWE. Well, the Puerto Rican Superstar will have more to grumble about after chalking up a loss to Matt Hardy. With his NXT Rookie Justin Gabriel looking on, the WWE veteran put on a clinic, dropping Carlito with the Twist of Fate after NXT Rookie Michael Tarver's interference failed. Hopefully, Gabriel was taking notes.

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