WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

There have been major changes over the past month on WWE NXT. The Superstars and Divas of the future have found a new home on WWE Network, where fans can watch them ply their craft every week. NXT even had the distinction of presenting the first live broadcast on WWE Network, NXT ArRIVAL.

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ArRIVAL signaled the start of a new era for NXT and shook things up in this month’s Power Rankings. Fresh faces have shown up, new rivalries are brewing and, above all else, there’s a new NXT Champion.

Who emerged from the pack to claim the top spot in this month’s WWE NXT Power Rankings? Click through to find out!


Mojo Rawley

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: Unranked
The most hyped Superstar in NXT made an impact over the past month. Following up on an impressive showing against Bo Dallas earlier this year, Mojo Rawley bulldozed over CJ Parker at NXT ArRIVAL. “The Moonchild” barely got a chance to get into the match before Rawley crushed the grappler-gone-green with The Hyperdrive.

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Cameras caught up with Rawley in the locker room on the March 13 episode, finding Mojo sprinting back and forth in the locker room, getting hyped. That’s how he acts when hedoesn’thave a match. We feel sorry for anybody who has to stand in the former football player’s path in the coming weeks. His mantra isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s a way of life. He doesn’t just get hyped, he stays hyped.



Paige celebrates her successful title defense at NXT ArRIVAL

Paige's victory celebration is cut short when she's interrupted by Charlotte.

Last month: Unranked
This second-generation Diva is ready to make a name for herself in NXT. After the conclusion of the epic NXT Women’s Championship Match at ArRIVAL, Charlotte and her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, confronted both Emma and Paige to play some mind games.

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On the first edition of WWE NXT on WWE Network, Charlotte battled the bubbly Emma. Thanks to a distraction from her BFF Sasha Banks — and a phony injury straight out of her father’s playbook — Charlotte walked away with the victory.

If she’s learned to be as cunning as her father, there’s no limit to how far Charlotte can go in NXT. 


Aiden English

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last Month: 7
Though the spotlight has been shining bright on NXT, “The Artiste” Aiden English has been noticeable by his absence over the past few weeks. 

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English hasn’t been seen since before ArRIVAL, leading to him to fall a spot in the NXT Power Rankings. Though the NXT Universe hasn’t been graced with a song from “The Artiste” in recent weeks, there’s no doubt that English is plotting his next move to ensure he can perform on the biggest stage possible.


Adam Rose

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: Unranked
Who is Adam Rose?

“Adam Rose is just a boy, really,” the enigmatic Superstar told WWE.com. “A boy that happens to be a megastar of Jurassic proportions.”

NXT was introduced to Rose on March 13, when the never-ending party that seemingly is his life met the squared circle. Carried to the ring by a gaggle of party animals, Rose showed that he could hang in-between the ropes, winning his debut match against Wesley Blake in convincing fashion.

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After his impressive victory, Rose explained what fans can anticipate in the future.

“They can expect to smile and laugh and be happy,” he said. “Because the WWE Universe is going to be a part of The Rose Experience.”


Sami Zayn

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: 8
At NXT ArRIVAL, Sami Zayn may not have defeated Cesaro in their fourth encounter, but he got something a little more meaningful —The Real American’s respect.

In an insane display of resilience during the epic battle, Zayn absorbed blow after blow that would have sent most people to the hospital. Every time he was knocked down, the French-Canadian battled back and continued fighting. A victorious, but stunned Cesaro pulled Zayn to his feet and embraced him, perhaps finally seeing the rookie as his peer.

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With a new sense of self-confidence, Sami returned to action one week later. A disgruntled Corey Graves called out Zayn for not winning his recent matches before decimating Yoshi Tatsu. Zayn rushed to the rescue and challenged Graves to a match that night. The tenacious competitor escaped Graves’ Lucky 13 submission and eventually rolled up his foe to earn his first win since returning from injury.


Bo Dallas

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: 1
It’s been a rough month for Bo Dallas. After promising to make Bo-lievers of the NXT Universe at ArRIVAL, Dallas dropped the NXT Championship to Adrian Neville in a bone-crushing Ladder Match — and plunged five spots in the Power Rankings.

Bo rebounded by defeating Colin Cassady on the March 13 episode of NXT and also declared that he’ll be invoking his automatic rematch on March 27. This time, there won’t be any ladders involved when Dallas and Neville clash. 

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WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: 5
After steadily dropping down the NXT Power Rankings due to inactivity, NXT Women’s Champion Paige shoots up two spots thanks to a strong showing over the last month.

At NXT ArRIVAL, Paige defended her title against the bubbly Emma. In a hard-hitting battle that left the WWE Universe’s jaws on the floor, “The Diva of Tomorrow” forced Emma to tap out to the Scorpion Cross Lock.

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Two weeks later, Paige rekindled her rivalry with The BFFs, taking on Sasha Banks. “The Boss” faced the same fate as Emma, submitting to Paige’s devastating submission hold. With the Scorpion Cross Lock in her arsenal, it may not be long before Paige returns to the top of the NXT Power Rankings.


The Ascension

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: 4
The more things change in NXT, the more they stay the same for The Ascension. The NXT Tag Team Champions continue to exert their will over the opposition.

“There’s no one more physical, brutal or even as dominating as we are,” Viktor said.

Konnor & Viktor issued an open challenge to any tag team in the world for NXT ArRIVAL. The call to action was answered by former World Tag Team Champions Too Cool. Though Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay put up a good fight, they still fell victim to the precision and power of The Ascension.

Cal Bishop & Travis Tyler were no match for Konnor & Viktor two weeks later. As The Ascension dominates everyone who dares to step in the ring, it leaves us wondering if there is anyone capable of taking the NXT Tag Team Titles from them. Konnor’s answer was stern and simple.


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Alexander Rusev

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: 2
The Bulgarian Brute holds steady at No. 2 in the NXT Power Rankings after another dominating month. Alexander Rusev made his presence felt at ArRIVAL, interrupting a match between Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze to viciously assault both competitors.

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With “The Ravishing Russian” Lana at his side, Rusev accepted Woods’ challenge for a one-on-one match two weeks later. After a sneak attack from Breeze, Woods was easy pickings for Rusev. The Super Athlete tossed Xavier around with ease before forcing him to tap out to The Accolade.

If Rusev can steamroll through Raw and SmackDown the way he does NXT, it won’t be long before he’s climbing the main roster’s Power Rankings.


Adrian Neville

WWE NXT Power Rankings: March 2014

Last month: 3
Adrian Neville skyrockets up the NXT Power Rankings after the biggest month of his career. At ArRIVAL, “The Man That Gravity Forgot” climbed to the top of NXT, literally, defeating Bo Dallas in a Ladder Match to win the NXT Championship.

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As the new face of NXT, Neville knows that all eyes are on him, especially as NXT moves into a new era on WWE Network.

“There’s a lot of pressure on my shoulders, but it’s pressure I welcome,” Neville told WWE.com. “I’m ready to be NXT Champion.”

Neville’s first test as champion comes on March 27, when he faces Bo Dallas in an ArRIVAL rematch. Can Neville hold on to the NXT Championship and his No. 1 spot in the Power Rankings? Watch NXT on WWE Network every week to find out!


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