WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

The eyes of the WWE Universe will be focused on the Superstars and Divas of NXT as they showcase their skills for the world on NXT ArRIVAL, airing live on WWE Network tonight.

Those who have been following WWE NXT over the past few years have had the chance to see heavy hitters like The Shield, The Wyatt Family and Big E Langston evolve from NXT upstarts into true Superstars. Now, a new generation of hopeful stars will hit the ring, hoping to make a huge impression.

As the WWE Universe readies for NXT ArRIVAL, check out this month’s WWE NXT Power Rankings to see who are the movers and shakers going into the special event. Did Adrian Neville make a big impact ahead of his Ladder Match with NXT Champion Bo Dallas? Was Emma able to dance up the ranks before she battles Paige? Click through and find out, and don’t forget to check back next month to see which NXT Superstars and Divas are really making an impact!

NXT ArRIVAL is live on WWE Network tonight at 8 p.m.! Tune in at 7:30 p.m. for the live Pre-Show, featuring WWE Hall of Famer Bret "Hit Man" Hart, Kevin Nash and Paul Heyman!


CJ Parker

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: Unranked
Despite all the good vibes he put out, the NXT Universe booed CJ Parker to no end. “The Moonchild” just couldn’t comprehend it. Although he defeated Jason Jordan, losses to Cesaro and The Miz didn’t help the hippy’s fragile psyche.

CJ Parker photos |  Follow "The Moonchild" on Twitter

After a victory over Tye Dillinger with his vicious Third Eye palm strike, Parker decided he’d finally had enough of the fans bumming him out. CJ ran down the crowd for contributing to the erosion of the environment he strives to protect by driving his fuel-efficient Ford Fiesta. “The Moonchild” accused the “sheeple” in the arena of melting the polar ice caps, burning holes in the ozone layer, chopping down trees and poaching the animals he loves.

Despite his feelings about the NXT Universe’s recycling habits, there’s no doubt that CJ Parker’s new attitude has benefitted him in the ring. If he keeps it up, the NXT Championship might be in his grasps, though he might have a problem with the leather strap.


Tyler Breeze

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #7
Tyler Breeze looked like he was out to make an impact after costing Adrian Neville the NXT Championship during last month’s Lumberjack Match against Bo Dallas. All “Prince Pretty” did, though, was make Neville furious.

Gorgeous photos of Tyler Breeze  "Prince Pretty's" profile

The selfie-snapping star first felt Neville’s wrath on the Jan. 15 edition of NXT. Despite Breeze using his own aerial ability to counter Neville’s, he eventually fell victim to the Red Arrow. “Prince Pretty” picked up a win over Colin Cassady with some help from Aiden English, but Breeze’s month ended on a sour note.

Breeze and Neville clashed once again a month later, and the result was the same, with the laser-focused Neville emerging victorious. The blemishes on “Prince Pretty’s” record over the past month lead to him dropping two spots in the WWE NXT Power Rankings.



Sami Zayn

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #6
The French-Canadian phenomenon known as Sami Zayn seemed to be well on his way towards mounting another challenge to Bo Dallas’ NXT Championship last month. However, a knee injury forced Zayn out of action in recent weeks.

Aided by crutches, Zayn showed up on the Jan. 22 edition of NXT and revealed that he hasn’t been able to get his loss to Cesaro, in an epic 2-out-of-3 Falls Match back in August, out of his head. He’s been fixated on figuring out where he went wrong, but unable to find the slip-up that cost him the bout.

Zayn's quest to beat Cesaro

That’s left Zayn begging The Real American for a rematch. Cesaro turned down the rookie’s demand for a return bout on several occasions, only for WWE COO Triple H to make the match for NXT ArRIVAL on Feb. 27. While questions of Zayn’s knee being fully healed linger, the French-Canadian is hell-bent on proving that he is capable of pulling out the biggest victory of his career.  


Aiden English

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #8
Unable to comprehend that the NXT Universe would consider Colin Cassady a better singer than him, “The Artiste” Aiden English has made it his goal over the past month to torment Big Cass and his injured running buddy, Enzo Amore.

Aiden English photos |  Follow "The Artiste" on Twitter

English cost Cassady a match against Tyler Breeze, distracting the big man by threatening to attack the wheelchair-bound Amore backstage.  Big Cass got a measure of retribution one week later, causing “The Artiste” to lose to Tyson Kidd after grabbing Aiden’s beret and scarf.

Aiden and Big Cass clashed again on the Feb. 12 edition of NXT. Although English may have been outsized against the seven-footer, “The Artiste’s” aggression and sneakiness led to him taking a bow after a victory. English’s success with both mind games and the mat game bump him up to No. 7 in this month’s WWE NXT Power Rankings.




WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #9
After being out of action several months ago, Emma has bounced back in a big way as NXT ArRIVAL and her long-awaited NXT Women’s Championship Match against Paige approaches.

She showed exactly why she’s been named the No. 1 contender to the title, defeating former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox with her devastating Emma Lock. She then joined forces with Bayley and Natalya to defeat Fox and The BFFs in Six-Diva Tag Team action. Clearing the last hurdle in her path to the title, Emma defeated Summer Rae on the Feb. 19 edition of NXT, moving her up three spots this month.

Emma photos

Though she may come off as slightly ditzy, Emma is extremely focused on her championship showdown with Paige, live on WWE Network.

“I realized that last time I fought her, I was so close to beating her,” she told WWE.com. “This time, I’m going to have to dance a little less, and bring more action in the ring. I’m fully prepared to leave the dancing until after I’m the NXT Women’s Champion.”  




WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #3
While Emma has been all over NXT, Raw and SmackDown, Paige has been conspicuous by her absence. The NXT Women’s Champion has not been seen since the Dec. 18 edition of NXT, where she defeated Sasha Banks.

Out of action with an injury for nearly two months, Paige’s return to the ring may be her toughest challenge yet. On NXT ArRIVAL, she’s defending her title against Emma, who’s had plenty of battles to prepare for the huge rematch.

NXT Divas give their predictions for Paige vs. Emma

Will the raven-haired beauty be able to pull off a repeat performance of the bout where she earned the title? Or will Paige drop further down the NXT Power Rankings as Emma dances to the top?



The Ascension

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #4
Since capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships from Adrian Neville & Corey Graves back in October 2013, The Ascension has demolished every team put in their path.

It was no different over the past month. Two sets of local competitors answered the open challenge of Konnor & Viktor. Those two teams both met the same fate: a brutal beatdown culminating in the vicious Fall of Man.

Photos of The Ascension's domination

While much ado has been made of Bo Dallas’ record-breaking reign as NXT Champion, more attention should be paid to The Ascension’s run with the Tag Team Titles. Few duos have been able to even pose a threat to Konnor & Viktor. As their dominating reign continues, the question needs to be asked: Can anyone stop The Ascension?



Adrian Neville

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #5
There is no one on the NXT roster on a bigger roll at the moment than Adrian Neville. “The Man That Gravity Forgot” was incensed after Tyler Breeze cost him the NXT Championship last month, and set out to get retribution. He did that in spades, defeating “Prince Pretty” twice this month.

Neville then turned his focus back to Bo Dallas and the NXT Championship. The Brit earned another opportunity at the title by outlasting Bo in a Beat the Clock Challenge. He even took a brief detour from his championship quest to defeat Corey Graves, who tried to throw him off his path.

NXT Championship Ladder Match preview: Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Now, Neville is more ready than ever for NXT ArRIVAL, where he’ll face Bo Dallas in an NXT Championship Ladder Match. Facing the champion in a bout where there are no count-outs or opportunities to escape, Neville is feeling supremely confident ahead of the live special on WWE Network.

“I’ve got the balance, I’ve got the agility, the ball is in my court,” Neville told WWE.com. “Bo Dallas can’t run away this time, the NXT Championship is mine for the taking.”



Alexander Rusev

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #1
While Alexander Rusev is carefully biding his time before making his debut on WWE’s main roster, The Bulgarian Brute has continued to assert his dominance over NXT. Although Rusev came up short in a rematch against Kofi Kingston, the beast brutalized Xavier Woods and Sin Cara over the past month.

“We will continue to crush, crush and crush,” Lana, Rusev’s Social Ambassador, told WWE.com

WATCH:  Rusev & Lana send a message to the WWE Universe

After adding the names of two more main-roster Superstars to his long lists of conquests, Alexander Rusev has proven that whether it’s NXT or the main roster, there’s not much anyone can do to stop him.


Bo Dallas

WWE NXT Power Rankings: February 2014

Last month: #2
Many NXT fans may believe Bo Dallas is delusional, but the NXT Champion has shown over the past month that he’s more aware of what’s going on than he lets on. After defeating upstart rookie Mojo Rawley, Dallas walked out on a Beat the Clock Challenge Match against Adrian Neville, giving the Brit a title opportunity at NXT ArRIVAL.

The NXT Champion later handily defeated Danny Burch with Neville watching, hoping to send a message to “The Man That Gravity Forgot.” Dallas then began to show a crack in his normally saccharine personality, declaring that he was sick of the highflier.

NXT Championship Ladder Match preview: Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

When WWE.com asked Dallas about his impending Ladder Match against Neville, the champ was back to his sugary sweet, slightly delusional self.

“Not only is my NXT Championship on the line, but so is the wellbeing of everyone at Full Sail University,” Dallas said. “If I lose, there would be a riot, for sure. When my Bo-lievers are at stake, I put everything on the line.”


Will Dallas make Bo-lievers of us all, or will there be a new No. 1 when March’s NXT Power Rankings roll out? Find out by checking out NXT ArRIVAL, live on WWE Network!

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