Tyson Kidd: Haunted by his past?

Tyson Kidd: Haunted by his past?

Tyson Kidd is simply spooked. The WWE Pro is being haunted, and he can’t just Sharpshooter his way out of the mysterious mess in which he now finds himself.

The normally fearless Hart Dungeon graduate has been disturbed by an unexplained symbol for the past two weeks on WWE NXT Redemption. The symbol – a Kanji ideogram – first appeared two weeks ago on the TitanTron during Kidd’s match against fellow WWE Pro, JTG. Fortunately for Kidd, it wasn’t enough of a distraction to cause him to lose the match, but even though he seemingly brushed it off, Kidd was clearly surprised.

Fast-forward one week, when Kidd discovered his belongings had been ransacked in the locker room before his WWE NXT match. It was there he again discovered the symbol, this time written on his garment bag. Kidd was stunned, but composed enough to compete in a thrilling, high-energy match against Trent Barreta on WWE NXT. That is, until the mystifying Kanji character appeared yet again on the TitanTron. This time, the symbol proved costly, as a swift Barreta capitalized on the moment and rolled up his unfocused opponent for the victory.

embedcolon25031400Kidd, the WWE NXT Redemption announcers, and the WWE Universe can speculate all they want about the symbol. What we do know is that Kanji – or "Han characters" – is one of three forms of Japanese writing, consisting of ideograms derived from Chinese characters more than two millenia ago. Beyond that ... well, until someone hires a Japanese translator, all we can do is speculate over the meaning behind this particular symbol.

However, it should be noted that WWE’s only Japanese Superstar has been absent from WWE programming since WWE NXT late July, after he defeated Tyson Kidd in an Action Figure on a Pole Match. After Tatsu’s hard-fought, emotional victory, Kidd brutally assaulted his fellow WWE Pro, focusing on his left leg, which was representative of the same appendage he tore off Tatsu’s action figure earlier, and callously wore around his neck.

This clearly poses the question: Is Yoshi Tatsu sending a message to Kidd? Is he, like the NXT Rookies, also seeking Redemption – not to mention a sizable dose of retribution – against his rival? Or is this someone else's grand scheme of messing with Kidd's head?

With Tatsu out of action, any Superstar – or NXT Rookie – could be the one tormenting a now-vulnerable Kidd, simply using the Japanese Superstar’s disappearance as a ruse.  Who knows – perhaps it’s just a mischievous Hornswoggle playing a trick to rattle his fellow WWE Pro for a laugh. Or it could just be a case of bad luck prompted by Kidd’s quite noticeable haircut earlier this summer.

This still-unsolved mystery will undoubtedly continue to torture Kidd on WWE NXT Redemption. Tune in to NXT.WWE.COM Tuesday nights at 10 ET/7 PT to see if this WWE Pro will continue to fight these haunting demons, or simply snap under the pressure.

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