Titus O'Neil's tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Titus O'Neil's tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Titus O’Neil is fighting for a worthy cause this October. The NXT Rookie is honoring many important women in his life during Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing customized pink and black trunks. (PHOTOS)

“I lost both of my grandmothers to breast cancer, and several family members and close friends to the family have fought against it – some have lost the battle, some haven’t. It’s always been a very dear cause to my heart,” O’Neil told WWE.com.

The former NFL player turned NXT Rookie has worn black trunks with the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon surrounded by wings emblazoned on the back. He’s also dressed in pink trunks decorated with the phrase “Think Pink.” During the recent Talk the Talk NXT Rookie Challenge, which he won, he explained his reasons for wearing the custom trunks. (WATCH)

“With everyone in other sports recognizing the fact that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I figured I’d do the same thing in WWE,” he said.

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