NXT Women’s Champion Asuka def. Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross in a Triple Threat Match

Asuka's awesome offense floors Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot - NXT Women's Title Triple Threat Match: NXT TakeOver: Chicago (WWE Network Exclusive)

The Empress of Tomorrow shows off her wide-ranging offensive attack as she defends her title in a Triple Threat Match: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The seemingly unstoppable run of NXT Women’s Champion Asuka continued at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, as WWE’s longest reigning titleholder beat Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot in a chaotic Triple Threat Match. 

As expected, it was every woman for herself from the opening bell — not once did any two Superstars attempt to team up to take out the third. Instead, this was a full-on demolition derby with each competitor keeping her foot down on the gas until the final bell. 

It was nearly impossible to keep track of the bodies flying across the screen, but some moments were too outstanding to miss. At one point, when Riot looked to be a second away from pinning Cross and winning the title, Asuka grabbed her from behind and lifted her with pure power for a bridging German suplex. Later, when Riot went for a high-risk Senton on the champion, she suddenly found herself caught in an Asuka Lock, but was saved by a splash from Cross. 
The most brilliant bit of strategy came from the unhinged Cross, who wrapped Asuka up in the ring skirt and began to brutalize her with forearms. The victory, however, belonged to Asuka. With Riot covering Cross in the center of the ring, Asuka bounced off the ropes and kneed Riot in the face before pinning both challengers to retain. 

With that, Asuka kept her 413-day reign as champion alive and claimed her ninth victory at NXT TakeOver. With all due respect to Goldberg, Asuka may have earned a new catchphrase after this bout: “Who’s next?”

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