NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

With NXT TakeOver: London in the rear-view mirror, it’s full speed ahead to the holidays. This week, some of your favorite NXT competitors take a trip down memory lane as they recount their own fond memories of Christmas past.

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Jason Jordan

NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

“My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was 7 years old. My family had just moved into a new house after staying in a two-bedroom apartment for some time. I remember waking up extremely early on Christmas morning and trying to wake my parents up. They told me to wait a little longer and go back to bed for a little bit. I tried to sleep but I was way too excited.

“Eventually, we all went downstairs to open presents. One present that stands out the most was this Fisher-Price three-in-one game table. It had billiards, air hockey (without the air) and ping pong. After opening presents, my parents started cooking a huge dinner because both sides of the family were coming over. What made this memory my favorite was that it was the first Christmas in our new home and the entire family was together! It was a great Christmas!”

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Eva Marie

NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

“My family wouldn’t ever decorate or get our Christmas tree until after Dec. 10, because my oldest brother’s birthday is on the ninth and we never wanted his birthday to pass like it wasn’t special. I was always responsible for putting Santa's cookies and the reindeer food out on Christmas Eve.

“Once we did get to the celebration, one of my favorite memories was watching all the Christmas movies that came on. One of our favorite quotes was always from ‘A Christmas Story’: ‘You’ll shoot your eye out!’ Honorable mention also goes out to ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’! As a kid I just always remember Christmas as a time of all of us being together! It’s all about love, family and enjoying amazing food.”

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Chad Gable

NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

“My favorite Christmas memory was from a couple years ago, when I took my nephew sledding with my brother. I’ll never forget how funny he thought it was when my brother (a heavyweight) and I went down together on a sled and took a massive spill that actually hurt pretty bad. But it was hard not to laugh it off when we saw how happy it made him.”


NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

“Every year my aunt would wear these fabulous, shiny, red, present-shaped earrings to our big family Christmas party. I would always ask her if I could have them because I wanted to see what was inside. Finally, when I turned 10, she gave them to me that Christmas as a gift, and I was so excited to find out what was inside.

“I patiently waited until Christmas morning to unwrap the earrings only to be disappointed to find out that the only thing inside the wrapping paper of those earrings was a block of wood. I look back now and laugh because why would there be anything other than wood inside? My aunt was so sweet to give them to me and I still have them in my jewelry box to this day.”

Apollo Crews

NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

“My most memorable Christmas was also probably the last time I received a gift. I had to be between 6 and 10 years old. I wanted this Tonka truck so bad, and when I woke up that Christmas morning and unwrapped my gifts, it was sitting there waiting for me. I played with that truck every day after that.”

Dana Brooke

NXT Superstars’ favorite Christmas memories

“As a little girl, I always wanted a pony, and my dad promised me one when I was 7 years old. He got me a pony on springs, which I referred to as ‘wind dancer,’ but that still wasn’t my real pony. Fast forward to when I turned 16 and I only got a few small gifts for my birthday because it falls so close to Christmas. To my surprise, after I had opened up my Christmas presents that year, my dad said to me, ‘Now Dana, I told you since you were a little girl I would buy you a pony, so please go look in the garage.’

“I ran as fast as I could, and sure enough, there was my real pony: a brand-new yellow mustang with all these features added on! That memory will never be forgotten. My parents sure made mine and my sister’s Christmas the most memorable ever, and one day I hope to have a family I can share and bring memories to the same way I was raised.”

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