ECW Original Tommy Dreamer returns to face NXT star in Philadelphia

ECW Original Tommy Dreamer returns to face NXT star in Philadelphia

Tommy Dreamer, one of ECW’s most revered brawlers, returned to the hardcore promotion’s hometown of Philadelphia to defend its legacy this weekend against one of NXT’s most vicious Superstars, Baron Corbin.

The Lone Wolf Corbin has been ensnared in a brutal rivalry with another former ECW Champion, Rhyno. While counting down the days to his showdown with The Man Beast at TakeOver: Unstoppable, Corbin declared he was out to bury ECW’s legacy in the City of Brotherly love. He went so far as to challenge Joey Styles, The Voice of ECW, to bring an ECW Original to the Tower Theater for him to demolish.

“I know ECW is the past, but it doesn’t mean that what we did doesn’t mean anything,” Styles told “There’s a respect that young Superstars should have, but [Corbin] doesn’t have any. So, I brought in the toughest guy I know.”

On night two of NXT’s tour through the City of Brotherly Love, Styles found, perhaps, the best representative of ECW’s history — the man often referred to as the “heart and soul” of ECW, Tommy Dreamer. The Philadelphia faithful erupted in cheers once the extreme innovator emerged from the curtain to battle Corbin.

“I haven’t been nervous like that in quite some time,” Dreamer said. “But the WWE Universe is great. They never forget. I live off of that.”

Dreamer fed off the jam-packed Tower Theater’s energy and brought the fight to Baron Corbin. However, The Lone Wolf’s devastating power was too much for the ECW Original to overcome in the end, as Corbin walked out victorious. The former ECW Champion had nothing but praise for his foe after the bout.

“Corbin is really, really good. He’s super strong,” Dreamer said. “He’ll definitely be a force in WWE.”

The Lone Wolf begrudgingly offered respect to Dreamer after the bout on Twitter, but also seemed to be sending a message to Dreamer’s fellow former ECW competitor, The Man Beast Rhyno, ahead of Wednesday’s battle.

Can Corbin demolish Rhyno, or will he be the latest victim of Rhyno’s devastating Gore? Find out at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, LIVE this Wednesday at 8 ET/5 PT on WWE Network!

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