The WWE Performance Center roster sings “Happy Birthday” to Triple H

The WWE Performance Center roster sings "Happy Birthday" to Triple H

NXT Superstars and the coaching staff at the WWE Performance Center help The Game celebrate his birthday with a joyous tune.

It’s Triple H’s birthday, and the WWE Performance Center team in Orlando, Fla., hasn’t forgotten.

In a video first posted on Twitter by NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom, the entire PC body — including NXT Superstars, recruits and coaching staff — serenaded The Game remotely with a joyful rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

There were smiling faces aplenty during the joyful celebration, with one exception: Triple H’s longtime friend and former D-Generation X cohort, Shawn Michaels. The WWE Hall of Famer, who has become a mentor to many of the Performance Center athletes in recent months, stood wordlessly, his hands folded in front of him, as the rest of the PC team bellowed out the birthday tune. Then, once they finished, he darted away quickly.

Perhaps Michaels — whose July 22 birthday was observed days ago by The Game on Twitter — is still waiting for his present for Triple H to be delivered. Or perhaps the initials “HBK” actually stood for “Hates Birthdays Kid” this whole time. Or maybe he’s just focused on getting back to work inside the ring with WWE’s up-and-comers. Either way, it’s funny and worth a watch.

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