Steve Cutler and Eric Bugenhagen kick off “Squatober” at the WWE Performance Center

The WWE Performance Center kicks off "Squatober"

Watch "Squatober," the WWE Performance Center's monthlong celebration of squats, get underway with major lifts by NXT's Steve Cutler, Eric Bugenhagen and Cezar Bononi.

October is here, and for the athletes at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., that can only mean one thing: Squats, and lots of ’em.

Under the guidance of WWE Strength & Conditioning Coach Sean Hayes, the Performance Center weight room transforms into the home of “Squatober,” a monthlong celebration of the glute-blasting, quad-quaking exercise.

Things kicked off with a bang earlier this week as Eric “Bugez” Bugenhagen and Steve Cutler both notched massive squats.

Bugenhagen, a former collegiate wrestler and powerlifter who joined the Performance Center earlier this year, pressed through a pair of 500-pound box squats, leading the exuberant “Bugez” to suggest that he’ll add another five pounds to the bar each day he squats in October.

The rough-and-tumble Cutler, a former U.S. Marine, pushed out a pristine 500-pound box squat (with an additional two chains on each side of the bar, but who’s counting?). Though he only planned to do one rep, he tried for a second and came ever so close before his spotter, regular tag team partner Wesley Blake, helped him rack the bar.

Even though the Performance Center has a strict “no missed reps” rule, Hayes had nothing but praise for Cutler’s feat.

“I’m not that upset with him for the missed rep,” Hayes said. “That's more than double his body weight in squats, so that's impressive. Once you're in that range, you're in elite status.”

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