Shawn Michaels says Samoa Joe is his dream match opponent

Samoa Joe and Shawn Michaels

The WWE Universe has clamored for Shawn Michaels to return to the squared circle since his retirement at WrestleMania 26. However, aside from a surprise appearance at last year’s Show of Shows to thwart The League of Nations, HBK is more than happy with his post-WWE life.

That doesn’t stop fans from wondering “What if?”, especially with the Royal Rumble coming to Michaels’ hometown of San Antonio next week. Fantasies of HBK taking on Superstars like Seth Rollins and AJ Styles (we saw that Photoshopped poster) have been the talk of social media over the past few months.

Michaels, however, has a different idea on whom he’d like to see standing across the ring from him, were he to end his retirement. In an interview with, the WWE Hall of Famer declared that NXT Superstar Samoa Joe would be his dream opponent.

“I see his stuff at NXT and think to myself, ‘Man, I could have a great deal of fun with you,’” Michaels told ESPN.

Samoa Joe, who has been absent from NXT television since his Steel Cage Match against Shinsuke Nakamura in Melbourne, Australia, seemed ready for a throwdown with HBK when he heard about Michaels’ comments.

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Shawn Michaels says Samoa Joe is his dream match opponent

Who would win in a match: Shawn Michaels or Samoa Joe?

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