Asuka vs. Ember Moon: NXT’s Women’s Division weighs in

Asuka vs. Ember Moon: NXT’s Women’s Division weighs in

With the much-anticipated NXT Women’s Championship match looming at TakeOver: Orlando, there’s no question that Asuka and Ember Moon will be primed to go once the bell rings inside the Amway Center. Will Asuka’s reign as NXT Women’s Champion come to an end on its one-year anniversary courtesy of Ember Moon, or will NXT’s Empress of Tomorrow continue her dominance? Who better to ask than the competitors who have firsthand in-ring experience with both superstars? Each provided their predictions below.

LIV MORGAN: Ember Moon

Asuka and Ember are so similar, yet so different. They both are agile, hard-hitting and technically sound performers. I've watched many, many, many tapes on both women and this is where I think they differ. I can study Asuka. I know she's a submission specialist. I know her strikes come from nowhere. I know she is ruthless and will show you no mercy. She is deadly BUUUUUUT when you watch film on Ember, she does something different EVERY time. You can't quite catch a feel on what to expect or how to prepare because she is so diverse and her offense is never the same. She is unexpected. We are going to witness something so special here in Orlando on Saturday night. Ember vs Asuka has the potential to steal the entire WrestleMania weekend.


Everyone wants to know who the Iconic Duo thinks will win the NXT Women's Championship at Takeover: Orlando. Now, of course, our opinions are the ones that really matter, so you can thank Peyton and I later. With that said, I've been in the ring with both of these females, and honestly, they are both incredible athletes. Whenever Asuka hits you, whether it's a kick to the head or a forearm to the face, there is a high probability that you’re getting knocked out. Ember on the other hand is very athletic and the Eclipse is no joke. As the NXT Universe saw, I tweaked my neck after a match with her a couple of weeks ago and it's still not 100 percent. That being said, Asuka is undefeated and is the longest-reigning NXT Women's Champion ever, so I'm going to predict that she retains at Takeover: Orlando.


Yeah, look I've been in the ring with both women as well, and they're both super competitive, which is annoying because they're just stubborn and don't give in. So, the dynamic of this Championship Match is quite compelling because they're both hard-headed. It could really go either way; it just depends on which woman will find the opening that takes them all the way. This is hard for me to pick one because I watched Ember hurt my best friend (P.S. #BanTheEclipse). Then again, I also have had a Championship Match against Asuka, so I've experienced firsthand the level she takes it to in such a high-stakes match. I think I just answered myself. Asuka retains. I’m also psychic, so you can mark my words on that one.


Ember Moon is a very fierce competitor, however, it’s going to be extremely tough to take out the Women’s Champion. From my experience of sharing the same ring as Asuka, I’d have to say she is my pick to win. Asuka is a submission specialist and her strikes are borderline deadly. She’s quick, strong and while she’s no Mandy Rose, it’s fair to say she’s on a roll right now and won’t get taken down easily.


Asuka’s strikes are so fast and strong, her submissions are unpredictable and foolproof so far, which can be really hard to overcome. That being said, Ember is swift and agile, and I know from experience that her Eclipse is no joke. Then again, Asuka is undefeated for a reason…

Could these apparent lopsided expectations foreshadow the future? Tune in tonight and find out who will leave Orlando with the NXT Women’s Championship.

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