NXT Superstars’ New Year’s resolutions

NXT New Year's resolutions

Whether it’s a focus on family, striving for NXT championship gold or pursuing a romantic crush, it’s no surprise that NXT Superstars have a wide-ranging list of New Year’s resolutions. Join us as some of NXT’s most popular names divulge their intentions for 2018.

“I’d like to focus on the little things. I want to be the best father and husband I can be. I want to continue to have optimal health, but more specifically, work on my gut biome. I want to volunteer and spend more time with kids who come from a similar background as I did. I want to continue to strengthen my weaknesses such as my physical mobility, break more backs on NXT, Raw or Smackdown LIVE, and become a World Champion. And, finally, meet Will Ferrell.” — Roderick Strong

“We’ve dominated NXT within a matter of five months, but it wasn’t without hard work and focus. The new Andrade [“Cien” Almas] understands that it’s work to become the champion and work to stay the champion. Our New Year’s resolution is to simply stay on top by any means necessary.” — Zelina Vega with NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas

“I have two resolutions, one personal and one professional. The personal one is to take the time each day to think about what kind of father I want to be before my first child is born in June. Professionally, I want to focus on getting better at my craft every single day so that I can look myself in the mirror at the end of each day and honestly say to myself that I got closer to my ultimate goal of winning NXT tag team gold and moving on to either Raw or Smackdown LIVE.” — Tucker Knight

“My first New Year’s resolution is to become an NXT Tag Team Champion with my brother Tucky (Tucker Knight). Number two? Marry Mandy Rose. I’d like the Future Star of NXT Award to go to Heavy Machinery, I’d like to bench 500 pounds or more as my max, and cut down a little on my carbs to make room for more steaks. #SteaksandWeights!” — Otis Dozovic

“My New Year’s resolution is to master juggling life as a wrestler, a mother and a wife and give all three roles 100 percent of what I have. What is a successful career without a happy family? My family is my fuel and my motivation. I know what I’m capable of, and so do they. My goal is to make sure I set the example for my daughter and show her that anything is possible.” — Lacey Evans

“My New Year's resolutions are as follows: I plan to win an NXT championship. If you're in this business and your goal isn’t to win a championship, get out. In fact, I would suggest anyone in my path to just get out anyway — it'll save you the pain and anguish I will cause you. I anticipate this becoming a reality by SummerSlam. Number two, become Stephanie McMahon's favorite wrestler. Mrs. McMahon is a true visionary and pioneer in sports-entertainment. Mrs. McMahon has always been my favorite authority figure by virtue of her principles, values, morals and ethics. I'd love to have the opportunity to compete on Raw, Mrs. McMahon. [Smiles] My third resolution is to put at least two people through a table. I won't lie, when [Killian] Dain splashed me through the table, it hurt, but I liked it.  I'd like to share that feeling with others, so they can feel the pure ecstasy and pleasure that I did.” — Lars Sullivan

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