The recruits in the crowd: Meet Kacy Catanzaro and Shadia Bseiso

Kacy Catanzaro

It’s hard to make a splash in an audience that includes Superstars, WWE Hall of Famers and Four Horsewomen. However, two cameos that caused a stir at the Mae Young Classic belonged to NXT’s newest recruits: “American Ninja Warrior" star Kacy Catanzaro and Jordanian TV presenter Shadia Bseiso.

Both women attended WWE tryouts earlier this year and are currently in the hiring process.

Catanzaro is one of the most popular competitors in the history of “American Ninja Warrior.” She was famously the first woman to scale the show’s perilous warped wall obstacle. A former gymnast who has twice been listed in Sports Illustrated’s Fittest 50, the 5-foot-tall “Mighty Kacy” worked out at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., in January, alongside NFL linebacker Kasim Edebali and pro basketball player Satnam Singh. Footage of the visit showed Catanzaro practicing a moonsault in the ring.

"American Ninja Warrior" sensation Kacy Catanzaro steps inside a WWE ring

Kacy Catanzaro has scaled "American Ninja Warrior's" Warped Wall and completed the city finals course, but now she tries her hand at something entirely different: Working out in a WWE ring.

Bseiso attended WWE’s first talent tryout in Dubai, held last April at the Dubai Opera House. She holds a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has experience in CrossFit training. In addition to her work as a TV presenter, Bseiso has done voiceover acting. Bseiso wasn’t the only woman who caught the eye of WWE talent scouts in Dubai, either; Mae Young Classic competitor Kavita Devi also participated at the tryout.

Shadia Bseiso

This week Catanzaro and Bseiso watched women make history in the Mae Young Classic. Could it be long before the WWE Universe sees either or both between the ropes?

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