Johnny Gargano reveals his secret three-year goal

Johnny Gargano

When it comes to chasing dreams, Johnny Gargano doesn’t mess around.

In May 2014, Johnny Wrestling — still a highly touted fixture of the U.S. independent scene — tweeted that he had formulated a secret three-year plan for himself. Without giving away any details, he asked to be reminded of his cryptic tweet three years later, at which time he vowed to reveal whether his goal had been accomplished.

Well, time’s up, and judging by Gargano’s follow-up today, it appears his goal-setting has paid off:

Keep in mind that since that original message in 2014, Gargano signed a WWE contract, co-won the NXT Tag Team Titles with Tommaso Ciampa, earned an NXT Year-End Award (for Match of the Year in 2016) and married the love of his life.

Pretty cool stuff, indeed.

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