Hideo Itami makes a shocking return to NXT

Hideo Itami makes a surprising return to NXT: WWE.com Exclusive, March 12, 2017

Hideo Itami returns to NXT with Riddick Moss, the Superstar who has been claiming credit for injuring Itami in October, in his sights.

ORLANDO, Fla. Hideo Itami is back on the scene in NXT! During an NXT Live Event in Orlando Saturday night, Hideo Itami shocked the NXT Universe when he returned to the black-and-yellow brand. Itami, who had been out of action since October with a neck injury, returned with only one man in his sights: Riddick Moss. 

Moss, who took credit for injuring Itami, had been boasting about it all week on social media. 

Itami noticed Moss' tweet storm and made it clear that the two would be seeing each other much sooner than later. 

Well, it turned out to be sooner. Itami returned and hit Moss with a GTS to remember. Watch NXT on the award-winning WWE Network to see what happens next between these two Superstars!

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