Radio stations confuse Hanson (the Superstar) with Hanson (the band)

Radio stations confuse Hanson (the Superstar) with Hanson (the band)

One Hanson was a trio of fresh-faced, long-haired teenage boys whose angelic harmonies and kid-friendly lyrics won over the hearts of countless tweens worldwide. The other Hanson is an extra-gruff super-heavyweight brawler bent on world domination.

On the surface, there is very little connecting Taylor, Zac & Isaac Hanson with new WWE Performance Center signee “War Beard” Hanson— except, of course, the name. Which, as it turns out, is enough to cause confusion for several radio stations’ Twitter accounts.

Over the past few days, Hanson (the wrestler) has been tagged in multiple tweets promoting songs by Hanson (the band).

As the tweets grew in number, you can see the monstrous Superstar’s reaction change from confusion and disbelief to exasperation and anger:

Hanson’s fellow WWE PC recruit Chris "Donovan" Dijak helpfully swooped in with a solution for the identity crisis:

Though the NXT Universe has yet to see Hanson and his War Machine tag team partner, Ray Rowe, in action, suffice to say nobody — least of all their opponents — will be singing “MMMbop” or “Mambo No. 5” when these two destroyers step between the yellow ropes.

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