EC3 looks for retribution against Lars Sullivan

Victor Orchant vs. Lars Sullivan: WWE NXT, Sept. 26, 2018

Lars Sullivan's trouncing of Victor Orchant is interrupted by a retribution-minded EC3. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Last month, EC3 implicated Lars Sullivan in the parking lot attack on Aleister Black, and as evinced by the trail of broken bodies left thereafter, nothing was the same. The Top One Percent felt the brutal outcome of speaking The Freak’s name once he was sieged backstage, causing him to miss a month of in-ring action. Now fully recharged, EC3 launches his quest for payback when he takes on the human bulldozer.

As NXT’s Golden God steps back into the very ring that Sullivan has since called “Lars Sullivan territory,” he gears up for a battle that carries many possibilities. On one end, he can finally unleash the fermented anger built up against Sullivan for his own brand of retribution. On the other end, Sullivan can very well end this fight quickly — his recent match with Raul Mendoza is proof. All in all, it will be a clash of the hot-tempered once these two NXT Superstars step into Full Sail Live. Will EC3 find his retribution? Find out when the two NXT Superstars slug it out on the award-winning WWE Network!

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