Drew Gulak and Tony Nese prepare for championship battles at EVOLVE Wrestling

Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

Since the arrival of the Cruiserweights on Monday Night Raw earlier this fall, the no-nonsense Drew Gulak and high-flying, hard-hitting Tony Nese have solidified themselves as a tag team to be reckoned with in the 205-pound weight class.

That partnership could be put to the test this weekend, however, during EVOLVE Wrestling’s series of shows in Queens, New York, and Joppa, Maryland. The two are top contenders in the EVOLVE Championship picture, and could possibly be facing each other for the title on Sunday.

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Gulak gets the first crack at reigning champion Timothy Thatcher on Saturday in Queens. The two technicians are cut from the same cloth when it comes to grappling, but their battles over EVOLVE’s top title have been anything but technical. They’ve battered each other with brutal strikes and brawled into the streets of Ybor City, Florida. Thatcher even took advantage of a show of sportsmanship from Gulak, attacking him after being offered a handshake, locking on a sleeper hold and forcing Gulak to pass out. Both men have won a match, making this the rubber match in their series.

This time, they’ll be clashing in a “Squared Circle of Survival” match, a battle dreamed up by Gulak himself. The hardnosed Philadelphia native is also the only person who knows what the match entails at this point, since he’s yet to reveal any details.

“Thatcher doesn’t know what he’s getting into,” Gulak said. “This is personal, it’s going to be very intense. I’m willing to go all out. I hope Tim realizes that he’s stepping into the ring with a different person.” 

Nese, meanwhile, will be squaring off with NXT Superstar Tommy End. The Premier Athlete has made no bones that he feels he should have been in WWE a long time ago. This match against End gives him the chance to prove just that.

“Being able to get in the ring with a current NXT Superstar is a great opportunity,” Nese told WWE.com. “This is my chance to show that I don’t just belong with the Cruiserweights. I can stand toe-to-toe with anyone on the roster.”

One night later in Maryland, Nese will be challenging the winner of the Gulak/Thatcher match for the EVOLVE Championship. The possibility of facing each other isn’t lost on the two partners, though both are looking forward to the opportunity.

“Being able to compete for the EVOLVE Championship — and win it — from a guy like Drew, is a big deal for me,” Nese said.

“It’s like wrestling your brother,” Gulak explained. “Tony brings out the best in me, because he contrasts my style so much,” Gulak explained.

But if it comes down to it, will a potential EVOLVE Title showdown affect Gulak and Nese’s partnership?

“I don’t think so,” said Nese. “Drew’s all about competition. He would hold his head high either way. If anything, it would make our bond stronger. We’ve competed against each other a bunch and built more respect for each other every time.”  

EVOLVE 72 takes place this Saturday, Nov. 12, at La Boom in Queens, New York, featuring EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese vs. NXT’s Tommy End.

EVOLVE 73 takes place this Sunday, Nov. 13, at the MCW Arena in Joppa, Maryland, and features the winner of Thatcher vs. Gulak in N.Y. defending the EVOLVE Title against Nese, and the loser of that match squaring off with Cruiserweight Classic semifinalist Zack Sabre Jr.

For complete information on both shows, including tickets, visit EVOLVEWrestling.com.

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