Chase U meets Schism in a Great Debate

Chase U meets Schism in a Great Debate

The two warring factions of Chase U and Schism will meet face-to-face inside an NXT ring in a Great Debate to prove which team represents togetherness more. 

Schism has shown that there are cracks in the facade of Chase U, starting when Ava kidnapped Thea Hail and tormented her even after her escape. 

Hail conquered her fears, but it came at the cost of the University as Andre Chase & Duke Hudson lost to The Dyad, and Chase followed that up with a loss to Joe Gacy the next week.  

The piling losses angered Duke Hudson, making him wonder if Chase U is really the best fit for him and the rest of his peers. 

What will happen when Chase U and Schism confront each other? Tune in to NXT on USA at 8/7 C to find out!

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