10 times Tommaso Ciampa heartlessly trolled Johnny Gargano on Twitter

10 times Tommaso Ciampa heartlessly trolled Johnny Gargano on Twitter

Tommaso Ciampa showed his true colors at NXT TakeOver: Chicago when he brutally attacked Johnny Gargano following their loss to The Authors of Pain for the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Watch Ciampa's ruthless betrayal of Gargano at TakeOver: Chicago

Unfortunately for Ciampa, he suffered a knee injury in the Ladder Match, leaving him unable to compete inside the squared circle while Gargano has continued with his career as a singles competitor.

Despite the injury, Ciampa has found a way to continue to hurt his former best friend: by trolling him in merciless fashion on Twitter.

Ciampa’s unrelenting mudslinging prompted WWE.com to take a closer look at 10 of the self-proclaimed social media “BLACKHEART’s” most heartless (and admittedly creative) tweets taunting Johnny Wrestling.

Blood, sweat and video game tears

While we can’t say whether you can see Gargano’s tears in WWE 2K18, we can confirm that this tweet is trolling at its most ruthless.

But, you have to give Ciampa credit for the clever promotion of his playable character in WWE’s upcoming video game.

From The Heartbreak Kid to #TheBlackheartKid

It’s hard not to see the similarities between DIY’s TakeOver demise and Shawn Michaels’ infamous betrayal of Rockers tag team partner Marty Jannetty.

Even more so when Ciampa’s head is photoshopped onto HBK’s body in a picture from The Rockers’ notorious Barbershop breakup.

Kicking Gargano while he’s down

Johnny Gargano was determined to start off his return as a singles competitor at TakeOver: Brooklyn III on the right foot, but a certain #DIY T-shirt spoiled it.

The loss to Andrade “Cien” Almas opened the door for Ciampa to strike on Twitter. With love, “BLACKHEART.”

Trolling at its most Glorious

When they were best friends, Ciampa and Gargano would tweet out “Glorious bombs” with former NXT Champion Bobby Roode. Ciampa continued the tradition post-#DIY, albeit without his former tag team partner or The Glorious One. Instead, all Ciampa needed was WWE Network to remind everyone of #DIY’s dissolution.

Johnny Gargano made The List

You have to hand it to Ciampa: He knows how to tie in #DIY’s breakup with sports-entertainment’s other failed friendships. This time, “BLACKHEART” summoned Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho’s falling out to remind Gargano what a terrible best friend he was.

Ciampa couldn’t even let Johnny Wrestling go troll-free on his birthday.

Anniversary troll

Exactly one year after Ciampa and Gargano’s classic showdown at the Cruiserweight Classic, “BLACKHEART” made sure to send an anniversary message.

Considering the epic contest these two put on as best friends, what would happen if they battle in a rematch now that they are bitter enemies?

Breakups are never easy

How many times have you seen (or perhaps you’ve done it yourself) photos with an ex cut out of the picture?

Well, Ciampa went there by removing Gargano from a picture showing #DIY with WWE COO Triple H. This is just cold-hearted. Do you think Gargano cut Ciampa out of his version of the photo?


With Gargano making his return to the Midwest while on tour with NXT Live in Milwaukee, Ciampa took the opportunity to encourage the NXT Universe in his hometown to boo Johnny Wrestling and make life even more difficult for the now-solo competitor.

Who’s your daddy?

You don’t need Maury Povich’s lie detector test to see that Ciampa isn’t actually Gargano’s “daddy,” but that didn’t stop Ciampa from being disappointed by the lack of happy Father’s Day wishes sent his way.

Cruel? Sure. Humiliating? You betcha. The only thing Ciampa raises more than his trolling game on holidays and anniversaries is his heartlessness.

Too soon?

It seems like bad timing for Gargano that National Best Friends Day fell on June 8, just a few weeks after he was pummeled live on WWE Network by his onetime best friend. On the other hand, it was the perfect opportunity for Ciampa to offer a painful reminder to Gargano that their friendship is no more.

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