Eliminated NXT Rookies speak out

Eliminated NXT Rookies speak out

The WWE Universe was stunned by the three shocking eliminations of NXT Rookies Michael Tarver, Daniel Bryan and Skip Sheffield this week on WWE NXT. WWE.com spoke to Tarver and Bryan, as well as Sheffield's WWE Pro, William Regal, after the episode that changed these NXT Rookies' lives.

Thanks to his last-place ranking in the Pros' Poll, Skip Sheffield was the first NXT Rookie to ousted via a vote. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

"It's a shame for poor Skip, really, because he tried really hard and his heart was in the right place. Not like I would know anything about having a heart in the right place," said WWE Pro Regal.

"He's got energy. He's got enthusiasm, and he does his best. Unfortunately he's very misguided talent."

While Regal said The Cornfed Meathead showed signs that he was starting to listen to him, it was too little, too late.

"But the open invitation from me shows what a wonderful human being I am to help him in any way I can in the future whether he chooses to take that or not. But he's definitely got a future if he doesn't go away and bury his head in the sand," Regal said.

The week prior to their eliminations, Tarver and Bryan told the WWE Universe that they deserved to be eliminated. On WWE NXT, their wishes were surprisingly granted by WWE Management. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

"WWE management is afraid of what they don't understand. And what puzzles me about what they're afraid of is that it could be their greatest weapon," an emotional Tarver said. "That's if they choose to make it so, because no one can compete with WWE. But their secret weapon hasn't even been used yet, and it's me."

While Tarver is sure that there has been no one like him in the history of WWE, Bryan's stance on the elimination situation is different.

"Based on the criteria given for who should have been eliminated -- which is your win/loss record, your ‘it' factor and your quality of opponents -- I'm the only guy who hasn't won," Bryan said.

"If I said Michael Tarver, Michael Tarver beat me that night. If I said Skip Sheffield, Skip Sheffield beat me the week before. I mean anybody that I name, they beat me. So how can I rightfully say anybody else?" the "Internet darling" explained about his elimination.

He told WWE.com that Daniel Bryan is a "laid back, easygoing guy" who doesn't get mad in the ring, but has the technical skills that rival some of the greatest WWE Superstars. However, he is not a winner.

"He gets in the ring with Batista and he's good enough technically to push him to the limits with his submission. (WATCH) The same thing with Chris Jericho," he said. (WATCH) "But Daniel Bryan is a figment of the WWE's imagination. Daniel Bryan has never been anywhere except WWE. Daniel Bryan has lost every match he's ever been in.

"But Bryan Danielson is a former world Champion. Bryan Danielson is champion wherever he's ever been. Bryan Danielson is one of the best wrestlers in the world. And he doesn't just say that himself, people say that about him," he said, referring to the highly-skilled, widely-respected independent wrestler.

"The real me is Bryan Danielson. I was trying to fit into what they want me to be but that's not me. Bryan Danielson is the real me."

While his future is uncertain, the NXT Rookie said his dream has always been to be in a main event match on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

"I want to be in WWE and I never said I wanted to be off WWE NXT. I just said who I thought should be kicked off and it was Daniel Bryan. But Bryan Danielson's dream is Main Event WrestleMania and to do that he's got to be in WWE," he said.

But was WWE NXT the right place for this hopeful to showcase to the WWE Universe just exactly what he's made of?

"I want to be the best and you're not getting that on WWE NXT doing monkey bar challenges and drinking soda," he smirked.

"Daniel Bryan was all right. He was a good guy. He was nice, friendly … you know. Bryan Danielson is a little bit meaner he's got more of a dark side. So we'll see."

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