A-List, A-Game

A-List, A-Game

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- With WrestleMania five days away and the Pros' Poll in a week, all eight Rookies fought to win the attention of the Pros during week five of WWE NXT.

Darren Young & David Otunga def. Michael Tarver & Daniel Bryan (PHOTOS | WATCH)

With the Straight Edge Society in their corner led by Pro CM Punk, Rookies Darren Young & David Otunga both upped their records to 3-1 on WWE NXT. Thanks to a distraction by Luke Gallows, Rookie Daniel Bryan was left alone in the ring when his partner, Rookie Michael Tarver, didn't tag into the match, allowing "A-List" Otunga to capitalize on the situation and pin Bryan for the win. Earlier, Bryan showed off his extraordinary arsenal of submission moves on party boy Young, but with the loss, Bryan's record fell to 0-5. Disappointed Pro Carlito watched as the record of his stunned Rookie, Tarver, dropped to 0-3.

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel def. Skip Sheffield & Wade Barrett (PHOTOS | WATCH)

The impressive Heath Slater continued his hot streak this week, upping his perfect record to 4-0 after a tag team victory with fellow Rookie Justin Gabriel. Pros Christian and William Regal looked on from ringside during a very physical match between Slater & Gabriel against Rookies Skip Sheffield & Wade Barrett.  While Sheffield was more aggressive than usual, he failed to impress his Pro, Regal. When Barrett distracted Slater, the bareknuckle brawler ended up kicking his own partner in the chest, allowing the One-man Rock Band to get the pin. As Christian celebrated with his Rookie and Gabriel, whose record is now 3-1, Regal was disgusted by Sheffield's loss and new record of 0-3.

Next week: Pros' Poll

The biggest WWE NXT episode to date will air next week! In the Pros' Poll, the Pros will reveal the standings and the WWE Universe will learn which Rookie is one step closer to becoming the next big Raw Superstar. The Pros will vote for their favorite Rookies, but they cannot vote for their own. They'll judge the Rookies based on four factors: win/loss record, strength of opponents, work ethic and the "it" factor. Which Rookies will make the grade in the eyes of the Pros? Tune in to WWE NXT Tuesday night at 10/9 CT on Syfy to find out!

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