Damian Priest looks for payback against Cameron Grimes

Damian Priest looks for payback against Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes said he was moving on to bigger and better things, but Damian Priest is focused on unfinished business as he seeks payback in a rematch with The Technical Savage.

Their rivalry began last month when Grimes derided Priest for not being able to defeat Finn Bálor like he had, though The Technical Savage only knocked off The Prince due to Priest’s own interference against Bálor.

That earned Grimes a fist to the face backstage. He retaliated by slashing Priest’s tires and later attacking The Archer of Infamy in the parking lot at Full Sail before they were scheduled to compete.

Grimes defeated the less-than-100-percent Priest and claimed he was ready for a new challenge. Priest had other ideas, securing this rematch from NXT General Manager William Regal.

Will Priest get retribution, or will Grimes make it two in a row against The Archer of Infamy?

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