Damian Priest squares off with Cameron Grimes

Damian Priest squares off with Cameron Grimes

Can Damian Priest score payback against Cameron Grimes, or is he destined to become another feather in the cap of The Technical Savage?

The issue between these two men is just the latest incident of Grimes putting his foot in his mouth. After gloating about his win over Finn Bálor and deriding Priest for losing to The Prince at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Grimes found himself on the receiving end of a massive right hand from The Archer of Infamy.

The Technical Savage fired back last week, mocking Priest and leaving little doubt as to who slashed his tires outside the WWE Performance Center.

Will it be time for Grimes’ reckoning, or will Priest fall victim to one of the most potent maneuvers in NXT, the Cave-in?

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