Damian Priest def. Killian Dain

Damian Priest vs. Killian Dain: WWE NXT, Dec. 18, 2019

Damian Priest returns to action after Killian Dain cracked his ribs, ready to take on The Beast of Belfast.

Damian Priest's latest bout proved to be a serious gut check, and he passed in impressive fashion. 

Two weeks after a rib injury prevented The Archer of Infamy from locking horns with Killian Dain, he returned to the ring to topple The Beast of Belfast in one-on-one competition. 

Things didn't appear as promising for Priest for much of the bout. In fact, his decision to return at all seemed possibly ill-advised with Dain focusing his barbaric aggression on Priest's taped ribs. 

The Archer of Infamy dug deep to find the fortitude at less than 100 percent to still execute eye-grabbing maneuvers, such as his patented springboard tope con giro and South of Heaven. 

Priest ultimately had the wherewithal to counter Dain's Vader Bomb with double knees to the back, softening him up for The Reckoning and pinfall.

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