Cameron Grimes def. Kushida

Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes: WWE NXT, Dec. 18, 2019

The Technical Savage looks to make Kushida pay after the Japanese Superstar snatched his hat last week.

Cameron Grimes is once again with his most prized possession after picking up his biggest victory yet, though it certainly didn't come easy.

The Technical Savage came out on top against Kushida, defeating his newfound rival after hitting the Cave-In in a battle between two candidates for the Future Star of NXT award. 

NXT's "timesplitter" got the better of Grimes in their previous encounter earlier this month thanks to a lightning-quick pinfall. Their issue escalated last week when Kushida's distraction cost Grimes a loss against Raul Mendoza, punctuated by Kushida nabbing the Technical Savage's trademark hat afterward. 

Kushida had Grimes' Cave-In well-scouted, expertly evading his foe's first two attempts. The third proved successful though, vaulting the Technical Savage back into the win column — and back, once again, with his hat.

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