Raul Mendoza def. Cameron Grimes

Raul Mendoza vs. Cameron Grimes: WWE NXT, Dec. 11, 2019

Raul Mendoza is out for payback after Cameron Grimes’ blindside attack forced him out of action against Kushida, who also felt the wrath of The Technical Savage at the WWE Performance Center.

Cameron Grimes hasn't had trouble making enemies during his short time in NXT, and two of his most recent foes collected their debts Wednesday.

Raul Mendoza defeated Grimes in one-on-one competition, gaining retribution after being attacked by The Technical Savage a week earlier. And give the assist to Kushida.

It didn't take long for Grimes to get his comeuppance after attacking Kushida earlier in the week at the WWE Performance Center. NXT's "timesplitter" provided just enough of a distraction at ringside for Mendoza to catch Grimes off-guard for the three-count.

Kushida added insult to injury by snatching Grimes' signature hat and trying it on for size, much to the Technical Savage's dismay. 

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