Kushida def. Cameron Grimes

Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes: WWE NXT, Dec. 4, 2019

Cameron Grimes takes out Kushida’s original opponent, Raul Mendoza, but soon gets embarrassed by the returning Superstar.

Despite encountering a surprise challenger in his return to action, Kushida showed no signs of ring rust, picking up a singles victory over Cameron Grimes.

Initially slated to face Raul Mendoza, NXT's resident "timesplitter" found himself opposite Grimes, who took out Mendoza with a massive Cave-In on the steel ramp during his entrance. 

Showcasing his trademark athleticism, Kushida appeared more than fully recovered from the wrist injury that had sidelined him for nearly two months. The Technical Savage was the one flirting with injury on this occasion, thanks to Kushida's modification of the octopus stretch that appeared to devastate Grimes' shoulder. 

The bout ended in lightning-quick fashion moments later courtesy of a clever pinfall out of nowhere from Kushida, who had quickly re-announced himself as one of NXT's most formidable competitors. 

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