Mansoor def. Shane Thorne

Mansoor vs. Shane Thorne: WWE NXT, Nov. 27, 2019

In his USA Network debut, Mansoor looks to continue his hot streak with a win over Shane Thorne.

Mansoor's remarkable roll is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. 

Having already staked out an impressive collection of victories — including winning the largest Battle Royal in WWE history earlier this year and knocking off Cesaro last month — the 24-year-old's potential appears to know no bounds.

WWE's first Saudi Arabian-born Superstar picked up another victory Wednesday on NXT, this time defeating Shane Thorne in one-on-one competition. 

It didn't come easy, either, with Mansoor having to overcome a disadvantage borne from a clever counter by "The Worst." Thorne caught Mansoor's attempted tope suicida, instead hitting a back suplex on the outside ring mats.

Mansoor's second bid at an aerial attack was successful, however, and he dropped Thorne with a slingshot neckbreaker moments later to secure the win. 

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