Matt Riddle def. Cameron Grimes

Matt Riddle vs. Cameron Grimes: WWE NXT, Oct. 23, 2019

With former WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate watching at ringside, The Technical Savage looks to keep his hot streak going against The Original Bro.

Just as soon as he returned to Full Sail, Tyler Bate might be right back in the thick of things on NXT thanks to a sour encounter with Cameron Grimes.

Matt Riddle put an end to Grimes’ recent winning streak with a scintillating victory, ultimately countering The Technical Savage's attempt to hit "The Cave-In" into a powerbomb before connecting with the Bro Derek. 

Afterward, Grimes was disinterested in Riddle’s show of “bromanship,” turning down a fist bump. Obliging The Original Bro's gesture instead was Bate, seated in the front row after arriving alongside Pete Dunne earlier in the night.

Grimes greeted “Textbook” Tyler with a shove,  prompting Bate to drop him like a pile of bricks with a Bop and Bang punch. 

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