WALTER def. Kushida

Kushida vs. WALTER: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

The bad blood between Kushida and The Ring General boils over in NXT’s main event.

If WALTER and Imperium are to be outmatched in NXT, it’s not going to come at the hands of one man.

Fighting valiantly, Kushida perhaps pushed WALTER beyond his limits. However, The Ring General was simply too much for the time-traveling high-flyer, wearing him down with punishing chops and slaps throughout their encounter.

Kushida's fighting spirit reared itself in a fiery rally. Despite a significant size and strength disadvantage, he out-maneuvered WALTER late in the match with a series of masterful counters, highlighted by a powerbomb reversed into a DDT. The breakneck pace eventually ceased and spelled the end for Kushida with WALTER connecting on a truck-like running dropkick and a powerbomb — successful this time — for the pin. 

Afterward, WALTER stood tall in victory with his Imperium teammates. The Japanese Superstar was the first to step to the imposing group after its bullyish arrival on NXT, but given Kushida’s fate, one has to wonder if anyone else in the locker room will try the same. 

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