Xia Li def. Aliyah

Xia Li vs. Aliyah: WWE NXT, Sept. 18, 2019

The self-described “Spicy Girl” displays her impressive Chinese wushu skills in a matchup with the Boujee Superstar.

Accompanied by her pompous partner-in-crime “The Vision” Vanessa Borne, Aliyah had every intention of making a “lower” out of her opponent, Xia Li. Li, the self-described “Spicy Girl” from China, had other plans in mind.

Using elusive tactics and a litany of kicks to her advantage, Li stayed one step ahead of Aliyah, much to the dismay of the Boujee Superstar and her ringside accomplice. After uncorking a wicked tornado kick that had enough heat on it to register on the Scoville scale, Li picked up the three-count.

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