Bianca Belair def. Taynara Conti

Taynara Conti relied on judo takedowns and quick thinking to gain an early advantage against the immensely powerful Bianca Belair. The Brazilian Superstar also had a few dirty tricks up her sleeve, as she showed when she scraped Belair’s face across the bottom rope.

Taynara’s lead vanished, however, when she made the mistake of leaping off the apron with a cross body block. Putting her world-class athleticism on display, Belair caught Conti mid-flight and deposited her on the thinly padded floor with a thunderous fallaway slam that did almost as much damage to Belair as it did Conti.

Both Superstars barely made it into the ring before the ref counted to 10, but once they were back inside, Belair found her next gear. The EST of NXT run roughshod over Conti, splashing her with a handspring moonsault and flooring her with a forearm smash before picking up the win with the K.O.D.

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