Shane Thorne def. Bronson Reed

Shane Thorne def. Bronson Reed

With Bronson Reed proclaiming himself “NXT’s resident thicc boi,” it should come as no surprise that Aus-zilla unloaded a hoss-forward offense against his longtime mate from Down Under, Shane Thorne. The Worst had serious trouble controlling Reed’s burly frame, and even evading Reed was a tough proposition, as Thorne found out when his leap-frog attempt was countered into a ring-rattling spinebuster.

While Thorne couldn’t match Reed’s size or sheer power, he did find success with more underhanded strategies, like raking Reed’s eyes and fish-hooking his maw. He compounded the damage with less controversial, but no less impactful, moves, such as a senton into the corner and a picturesque leg lariat. Reed nonetheless stayed in the fight, flattening Thorne with a quick-pivot powerslam and a girthy Thesz Press.

The pace stayed breakneck throughout the back-and-forth contest, but after having his top-rope attack intercepted, Reed was a sitting duck for Thorne’s wicked kick to the chest, which struck with the force of a cast-iron skillet. With a handful of tights for added leverage, Thorne pinned Reed, bringing The Worst’s record against Breakout Tournament competitors to 2-0.

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