Matt Riddle gets Killian Dain face-to-face

Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain

A fight’s going to break out this week on NXT when Matt Riddle goes head-to-head with the newly returned Killian Dain. The Original Bro owes Dain a receipt for the carnage he wreaked weeks ago, when The Beast of Belfast ambushed Riddle from behind and smashed him through the entrance stage floor.

The path of destruction from Dain’s first tenure in NXT still smolders, but his decision to target Riddle is nonetheless a bold choice. Since Dain’s been gone, Riddle has emerged as NXT’s resident tough guy, an elite athlete who’s well versed in practically every fighting discipline and who believes nobody can step to him in a fair fight. Now that The Northern Ireland Nightmare is back, he remains unconvinced that The Original Bro should survive in his recaptured domain.

Tune in to NXT tonight at 8/7 C, streaming on the award-winning WWE Network.

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