Jordan Myles and Angel Garza face off in Breakout Tournament Semifinals

Jordan Myles vs. Angel Garza

The NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinals kick off this week with a match between high-flyers Jordan Myles and Angel Garza. Both NXT rookies turned plenty of heads in the first round, with Myles surviving a gritty battle against Boa and Garza triumphing over resilient daredevil Joaquin Wilde.

While there’s no denying Myles and Garza have their similarities — both Superstars excel when the tempo picks up, thrive in the high-rent district and have smiles worthy of toothpaste endorsements — their attitudes couldn’t be further apart. While Myles is hungry yet humble, Garza seems to consider himself a cherubic gift to be shared with the world.

Disparate viewpoints aside, this match has all the hallmarks of an instant-classic. Even more important, it’s one step away from the finals, where an NXT title opportunity will hang in the balance. Expect Myles and Garza to leave it all in the ring.

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