Damian Priest def. Keith Lee

Damian Priest def. Keith Lee

Keith Lee will have to wait a little longer to “change the narrative” in NXT. The titanic Superstar, whose frustrations have been mounting by the minute, came oh so close to dealing impressive newcomer Damian Priest his first loss on the black-and-gold brand. The only thing standing in Lee’s way, it turned out, were his own emotions.

Lee matched The Archer of Infamy in terms of speed, strength and raw aggression. The two colossuses wowed NXT fans with their incredible mobility as they deftly dodged each other’s strikes in a fast-moving exchange reminiscent of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” And both Superstars displayed immense power, whether it was Priest launching the 330-pounder through the air with a Falcon Arrow, or Lee catching Priest when the 249-pounder flipped over the top rope with a tope con giro.

Lee came undone, however, after Priest kicked him back-first into the steel steps. The impact reverberated throughout Full Sail Live, but Lee’s scowl indicated he wasn’t so much in pain, as he was enraged. Losing all composure, he charged after Priest, giving chase into the ring, but that only played into The Archer of Infamy’s hands. Priest slyly pulled the referee between himself and Lee, causing a momentary distraction that allowed him to clobber Lee with a cyclone kick and the Reckoning for the win.

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