Original Bro squares off with Arturo Ruas

Matt Riddle vs. Arturo Ruas

The fighting machine known as Matt Riddle has had a sensational summer, claiming singles wins over the likes of Roderick Strong, a pre-NXT Champion Adam Cole and, more recently, Drew Gulak. The self-described “stallion” looks to keep that momentum going this week when he faces Brazilian Superstar Arturo Ruas.

The Original Bro has redoubled his efforts to perfect every aspect of his game — from throws and takedowns to strikes and submissions — but if there’s ever an NXT Superstar who can hold a candle to Riddle’s combat-sports bona fides, it’s Ruas. The highly decorated grappler has spent years mastering a variety of fighting disciplines, and he’s coming off a big win against Anthony Henry at  EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary Special. Now that Ruas has tasted his first victory on WWE Network, will he be able to solve the riddle of The Original Bro?

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