Killian Dain recalled the horrors that he’s seen

Killian Dain

The anticipation for Killian Dain’s NXT return reached a fever pitch this week, with The Beast of Belfast shedding light on his mission statement in the black-and-gold brand.

As images of riot squads and burning streets flashed before him, Dain reflected on his harsh upbringing in Northern Ireland, detailing the gang violence and martial law that ran amuck when Dain came of age in Belfast. From having his house set ablaze to being left deaf in one ear thanks to a car bomb that exploded on his street, Dain declared that he wears those horrific memories as a “badge of honor.”

After having so much taken from him, Dain outlined his objective going forward in no uncertain terms: “to take everything and anything” that he wants. Best of luck to anyone who tries to stop him.

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