Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan def. Undisputed ERA

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Undisputed ERA: WWE NXT, June 12, 2019

Two of NXT’s hardest-hitting tandems face off in a brutally physical encounter. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The hunger left after the gritty NXT Tag Team Title Ladder Match at TakeOver: XXV was almost palpable during Undisputed ERA’s tag-team tussle with the Brit-Am brawlers.

Kyle O’Reilly and Oney Lorcan steered this contest into a smashmouth affair from the get-go, exchanging aggressive submission holds and blistering strikes to dictate the course of the bout. When their ground-and-pound showdown turned into good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs, Roderick Strong and Danny Burch took it as an invitation to jump in and turn their tag-team contest into an uncontrollable brawl. Once O’Reilly & Strong were knocked out of the ring, Lorcan exploded over the rope with a dive that knocked them down further.

Lorcan & Burch continued to lay into Undisputed ERA with hard-hitting tandem offense, including a reverse suplex by Lorcan onto O’Reilly that concluded with a running knee by Burch. Ever the calculated pair, O’Reilly & Strong eventually found an opening after avoiding a double-team attack and turned things into their own Undisputed playing field. The devious pair used a barrage of offense on Lorcan, pouncing and stretching out the Boston brawler. When Lorcan ultimately tagged in Burch, the pace of the match shifted once again as he laid a canvas-rattling powerbomb on O’Reilly that was complemented by a crossface. As the action carried on, an unforgotten guest arrived to join the melee: Jaxson Ryker.

After being ousted from the ring by both teams at TakeOver: XXV, Ryker emerged to return the favor – but dealt his frustration on the security guards that were holding him back from entering the ring. Using the distraction to his team’s advantage, Burch pushed Strong out of the ring and rolled up O’Reilly for the three-count. The shocking conclusion left the Undisputed ERA tandem seething, as Ryker maintained his focus on the pair while referees and WWE personnel directed him to the back.  

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